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Experience Cleaning Consulting

​We can consult and assist any in-house operation or building service contractor. Benefit from our experience, knowledge, and expertise as part of our cleaning consultant service partners. We have experienced and mastered many of the situations and processes needed for a successful business.

You can combine our expertise with your knowledge of your facility to reduce costs and improve service.

We service and consult in the following industries:

Cleaning Companies

Property Managers

Service Providers

Experience Cleaning Service Team

Sandy Navarro

Sandy Navarro is a Director of Operations with over 20 years of experience in the Janitorial Industry. Having gained knowledge from previous positions in areas such as hands on custodial, management, sales, administration and operations, she now has the advantage of understanding the industry from various perspectives. With first hand experience in the field, Sandy has insight and a sense of business integrity, as she understood how to meet client expectations while being mindful of employee morale. Her areas of focus are strategic planning, budgeting, creating system controls, business profitability, as well as building long lasting teams and client relationships. Previously responsible for managing operational and quality assurance for multi-state regions while servicing and maintaining accounts reflecting $25MM in sales and $2.2MM in profits, Sandy is confident in handling contracts of all levels. 

Rigo Olvera

As a Director of Operations with over 20 years of experience in the Janitorial Industry, Rigo Olvera has a valuable understanding and perspective of the field. With hands-on experience early on in various types of facilities, he gained confidence and self-awareness for what was to come. Focusing on industry areas such as post construction cleans, floor projects and general cleaning in both commercial and retail spaces. He has overseen 20 plus retail stores and managed several crews for pharmaceutical companies with sales over $1M a year. The culmination of his experiences early on in customer service, as well as his career in the Janitorial industry has granted him the opportunity to understand both client and employee expectations. 

Eduardo Olvera

As one of the founders of Experience Cleaning Service, Eduardo Olvera has held various positions in the industry for well over 25 years. This has given him an understanding and broadened his perspective on the field. Eduardo understood the needs of both the client and the employee, which is what lead him to start Experience Cleaning Service in 2014. His area of focus are employee training, quality control, and specialty services. 

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